12mm HDF Laminate Floors » The Structure

High Density Fiberboard Laminate Floors Structure

woodlamina structure
  1. Overlay: Melamine Resin

    The surface is coated with melamine resin that has Aluminium Oxide with thickness of 45 grams per square inch to provide stronger surface support and to aid as a protective layer from scratch marks.

  2. Decorative Layer

    The decorative layer is available in various colors and designs.

  3. HDF (High Density Fiberboard) Core

    The HDF core board is made from Eucalyptus wood. It is highly resistant to water, moisture and insects. HDF board is grinded and mixed with resin glue and is packed with high pressure.

  4. Superior Wax Coating

    4 sides interlocking are coated with a superior paraffin wax to increase it's strength and resistance against water penetration and protection against moisture.

  5. click lock system
    Click Lock System

    The best installation technique without using glue to give a smoother surface finish at the joints.

  6. Balancing Film

    The balancing film provides stability to the board and to protect floor against humidity.